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The anxious brain


Social Media | OOH

The Anxious Brain campaign challenged its audience to re-think Parkinson’s by illustrating how it impacts on mental health.


Based on research that has shown how chemical changes in the brain of those with Parkinson’s can make it harder to cope with stressful thoughts, the campaign was rolled out with a series of 20-second videos on Instagram Stories and Facebook In-stream – both new channels for Parkinson’s UK.


The adverts showed how daily activities, such as going to work, to the gym, shopping or cooking can lead to a downward spiral of anxiety via distressing phone notifications.


To strengthen the charity’s message, ‘Parkinson’s is more than the shakes’, we went further and used digital OOH billboards in popular shopping centres and train stations across London to convey how anxiety can occur in these everyday situations.

Creatives: Adina Cioceanu & Davide Mauroni. Head of Design: Liam Graham

Creative Director: Dom Sweeney. Creative Agency: Innocean UK

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